Stormwater Victoria Industry Award for the Rye Coastal Wetland

Published on 29 June 2022


Rye Coastal Wetland has been awarded the Stormwater Victoria Industry Award 2022 for ‘Infrastructure Excellence’.
This award recognises excellence in stormwater infrastructure projects that have been delivered and are now operational.
Our first coastal bio infiltration basin (also known as a coastal wetland) at the Rye foreshore is the largest stormwater treatment asset in a coastal environment on the Peninsula.
The community driven project overcame significant challenges, including: sand migration, high tides, storm surges, and high groundwater levels, to produce a highly effective natural filtration system treating the stormwater prior to reaching the Bay.
Since its construction, the coastal wetland has been delivering the following benefits:

  • Improved water quality discharge into Port Philip Bay.
  • Enhanced visual amenity of the site.
  • Enhanced biodiversity.
  • A boardwalk with improved access to the beach.
  • Demonstration project enabling education to the community and the Shire.

This project was funded by Mornington Peninsula Shire, the Victorian Government (Port Philip Bay Fund) and Melbourne Water (Liveable Communities Liveable Waterways Program), and was initiated by discussion between the Shire and Rye Community Group Alliance.

To find out more about this project, please visit:

Quote attributable to Mayor Councillor Anthony Marsh:
“This is the first project of its kind on the Peninsula. We are incredibly proud to be leading the way in stormwater management through our first coastal bio infiltration basin.
“This project not only delivered an amazing asset on our foreshore that cleans the water entering Port Phillip Bay but has been exemplary in showing collaboration between many different government departments/grant programs, consultants, local community and Shire teams.”

Quote attributable to Nepean Ward Councillor Sarah Race:
“This project improves the water quality directly into Port Philip Bay, not only making it safer for our community but also the overall environmental health of the water and marine wildlife.”

Quote attributable to Nepean Ward Councillor Susan Bissinger:
“This community initiated, innovative project will see a natural process filtering our stormwater run-off to ensure cleaner water is entering the Bay, it will also blend seamlessly into our foreshore area. Great for our community and our marine environment.”



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