Stay safe this fire season

Published on 04 October 2018

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Next week is Fire Action Week – Victoria’s annual fire planning and preparation awareness week.

Fire Action Week, held from 7 to 14 October, is a great time to increase your understanding of the fire risk where you live, prepare your property, and talk to your household about what you’ll do to stay safe from fire.

Talk to your family, friends and neighbours about the fire risk where you live and make plans for what you’ll do on hot, dry, windy days.

It’s up to you to stay informed by using more than one source of information, understanding the three levels of warnings, what they mean, and what you should do.

Ways to stay informed include:

  • tune in to ABC local radio, commercial and designated community radio stations or Sky News TV
  • phone the VicEmergency Hotline (1800 226 226)
  • visit
  • download the VicEmergency App
  • warnings are also available on VicEmergency's Twitter (@vicemergency) and Facebook (, and CFA’s Twitter (@CFA_Updates) and Facebook (

Always remember on hot, dry, windy days, fires will start and spread quickly; the best way to protect yourself and your family is to leave early.

You can also learn more about how to be emergency ready this fire season at the Operation Emergency Ready event on Saturday 13 October from 10am to 3pm at Harmony Square in Dandenong.

Together with Kingston Council, Frankston City Council and City of Greater Dandenong, the event will see the launch of a range of resources including a booklet, eight preparedness videos and an interactive website which will assist the community in developing their own emergency plans.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to interact with members of the Victorian Coastguard, the SES, CFA, Victoria Police and meet search and rescue dogs.

Don’t forget, throughout October Mornington Peninsula Shire eases burn off restrictions on small properties to allow residents to burn off for fire prevention purposes.

For the month of October 2018, Open Air Burning is permitted only on Fridays and Saturdays between 9am and 4pm on land less than 1500 square metres, provided that: 

  • no more than 1 cubic metre of vegetation is burnt at any one time
  • the fire is not within 10 metres of any neighbouring dwelling
  • the General Fire Safety Provisions are followed at all times

Residents are reminded burn off material should not be wet, or green, and general fire safety precautions should be taken at all times

Outside of October, Open Air Burning is prohibited on properties smaller than 1500 square metres. Open Air Burning regulations for land more than 1500 square metres and more than 40,000 square metres remain the same.  

Once the Fire Danger Period is declared by the Country Fire Authority no fuel reduction burning will be allowed without a permit.

For more information on the Open Air Burning Local Law for October 2018 visit or phone the Shire’s Environment Protection Unit on 5950 1050.

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