Statement from the CEO

Published on 31 January 2018


Mornington Peninsula CEO Carl Cowie is re-releasing the details in his possession of a cruise he attended in a private capacity.

Mr Cowie states the details of the cruise have been discussed at length and it is his view that a private trip that was not made in an official capacity does not require listing on the shire’s gift register.

Mr Cowie provides the following details:

  • Mr Cowie and his wife attended in a private capacity. Mr Cowie did not attend in an official capacity.
  • Mr Cowie was on annual leave at the time, and there was no cost to council.
  • The cruise took place in July 2016.
  • Mr Cowie said it had already been reported in local media that Mr Fox chartered the Seabourn Odyssey for a seven-day trip between Athens and Venice.
  • It has been reported that the cruise was a pre-celebration of Mr Fox’s 80th birthday.
  • Mr Cowie personally paid for his airfares and accommodation to and from the cruise.

Mr Cowie says the level of public interest meant that the trip had proved a distraction to shire business.  He says the Shire is focused on continuing to work hard on behalf of our community.

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