South East Melbourne councils call for investment in climate change

Published on 01 September 2022


Did you know Mornington Peninsula Shire is one of nine councils from Melbourne’s south east that are part of the South East Council’s Climate Change Alliance (SECCCA)?

Last week, the SECCCA launched its 2022 policy platform. The policy platform calls on the State and Federal governments to do more to address climate change in their communities.

SECCCA is seeking:

  • A commitment to Net Zero emissions by 2040 (or earlier).
  • Legislate at least a 67 per cent reduction by 2030 (or earlier) to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees.
  • Develop a State and National Roadmap to map the path to Net Zero.

SECCCA is also seeking local investment in the following programs:

  • $20 million for a network of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the region.
  • $20 million for active transport in the region.
  • $20 million for a Gas Transition Fund (a pilot for the region).
  • $10 million for a Community Resilience Fund to support climate change adaption projects in region.
  • Increased investment in Victoria’s Household Energy Savings Package.

To learn more about what the Shire is doing about climate change click here.


Pictured: Mayors and Councillors from the South East Councils Climate Change Alliance including Mornington Peninsula Shire SECCCA representatives Cr McCafferty and Cr Race, with Local Members of Parliament, Ms Zoe Daniel MP Independent Member for Goldstein and Mr Tim Richardson MP Member for Mordialloc and Parliamentary Secretary for Schools, Mental Health and Social inclusion.


Quotes attributable to Mayor Councillor Anthony Marsh:

“As a Council, we take our responsibility to act on climate change seriously. We recognise the impact climate change is having on our community and infrastructure. 

“We’ve seen first-hand the impact of extreme storms, flash flooding and heatwaves on our community. Working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build resilience to climate change is a critical part of our Council and Wellbeing Plan and our Climate Emergency Plan. 

“The south east councils forming SECCCA are home to one million Victorians, produce $85 billion in Gross Regional Product and more than 45 per cent of Victoria’s manufacturing product. By working collectively with this alliance, we have a stronger voice to call on Federal and State governments for greater action on climate change, so critical for our future.”

Quotes attributable to South East Council’s Climate Change Alliance (SECCCA) Council representative, Councillor Kerri McCafferty:

“As a member of the SECCCA Councillor Advisory Committee, I am delighted to see the SECCCA policy platform launched. 

“This platform provides a collective voice to support our community and businesses to build resilience to climate change and transition to a low carbon future. It also supports the actions we’re taking on climate change through our Climate Emergency Plan.”



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