Somerville Recreation Centre springing up

Published on 02 October 2018

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Construction of the Somerville Recreation Centre is in full swing with the structure currently going up over the next few weeks.

Mornington Peninsula Shire Mayor Councillor Bryan Payne said we’re now entering an important new phase of the project!

“The progress to date on the site is wonderful to see taking shape and is a very exciting time for Somerville residents and the wider community. 

“Thank you to the Western Port Basketball Association, Mornington Peninsula Badminton Inc and the Baxter Indoor Netball Association for their unwavering support as the project progresses”.

Tyler Molloy, Westernport Basketball Operations Manager said “with the stadium starting to take shape and having a massive presence it’s hard not to stop and take it all in. The excitement for completion isn’t only around our association and our new home but a new home for the whole community”.

Shirley Hill, Baxter Indoor Netball Association President said “our members are so looking forward to the completion of such a fantastic, modern, user friendly Recreation Centre to play netball, at home, we can’t wait!”.

Ben Huggard, Mornington Peninsula Badminton Inc Treasurer said “seeing the building take shape is exciting. The additional courts will allow us to run junior coaching programs for the local community. Our members are looking forward to using the new facilities next year”.              

The new stadium will feature:

  • four multi-sport indoor courts
  • female-friendly change rooms
  • an umpire change room
  • a first aid room
  • tournament office
  • storage and car parking.
  • changing places toilet amenities.

The redevelopment will also include refurbishing the damaged community area, and better public areas in the recreation centre.

The Shire will continue to work with the community as the rebuild is taking place and will keep residents informed as the project progresses.

The construction is currently anticipated to be completed by April 2018.

Stay tuned for more news as the project progresses at

PICTURE CAPTION: Mayor Councillor Bryan Payne, joined representatives from Western Port Basketball Association, Mornington Peninsula Badminton Inc and the Baxter Indoor Netball Association to celebrate the next milestone for the redevelopment of the Somerville Recreation Centre.

L – R: Westernport Basketball Operations Manager Tyler Molloy, Shire’s Project Manager Jarrod Filosa, the Shire’s Team Leader Sport and Recreation Mark Stahel, the Shire’s Sport and Leisure Operations Leader Miranda Markovic, Baxter Indoor Netball Association President Shirley Hill, the Shire’s Manager Project Delivery Derek Rotter, Mornington Peninsula Badminton Inc Treasurer Ben Huggard, Mayor Payne, Lloyd Group Luke Leeves, Lucy Adams (front), Heath Williams (front) and Lachie Williams (front). 

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