Shire takes next step on Tyabb Airfield

Published on 18 February 2020


At its meeting on 17 February 2020 Mornington Peninsula Council resolved to seek authorisation from the Minister for Planning to exhibit a planning scheme amendment in relation to the Tyabb airfield and its surroundings.
Exhibition of the amendment is likely to commence in the coming months, but this is dependent on the Minister’s authorisation.
The amendment outlines a set of proposals, which include:

  • The removal of anomalies in the current provisions that may prevent consideration of future use and development applications.
  • An outline of requirements for an Airfield Master Plan and Aircraft Noise Management Plan, including proposed standards regarding noise levels, hours of operation and training circuits
  • Identification of areas near the airfield where greater consideration of noise exposure for new buildings, public safety and control over building heights is appropriate.

All residents and landowners in the vicinity of the airfield will receive notice by mail when the exhibition is to begin, and details will also be available on the Mornington Peninsula Shire website.
Councillor Julie Morris said “Council is committed to providing clarity and certainty for everyone regarding the future of Tyabb Airfield. This is everyone’s chance to comment and we encourage all interested parties to give their feedback during the exhibition period".
“We see Tyabb Airfield as an iconic landmark on the Peninsula and we hope this amendment means a harmonious future for both the Airfield and the Tyabb community.”

Mayor Sam Hearn said “Consideration of this amendment is the next step in implementing the Tyabb Airfield Precinct Plan adopted by Council in December 2017".
“We are also committed to an open and transparent process with opportunities at all stages for the community to have input.”
Click here to view the report to Council regarding the amendment and associated documents.

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