Shire receives strong results in Local Government Satisfaction Survey

Published on 24 October 2018


This year’s Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey results show the community believes Mornington Peninsula Shire Council’s overall direction, overall performance and community consultation and engagement are positive.

The survey, conducted by telephone across Shire households in February and March this year on behalf of the Victorian Government, measures community perception on the performance of Victorian Councils across a range of measures.

Mornington Peninsula Shire Mayor Councillor Bryan Payne said this year’s results show a four-point increase in overall council direction and a one-point increase in overall performance – both higher than the state-wide average.

“We strive to provide quality services and we’re pleased the community believes we are on the right track. It’s fantastic that local residents recognise some of the positive changes taking place at the Shire.

“As the local council, we are always striving to deliver great customer service that meets the needs and expectations of the local community.

“Out of all the core measures, Council’s best performing area was customer service – scoring higher than the state-wide average.

“Council is dedicated to working closely with the community to hear their thoughts and suggestions on changes taking place on the peninsula.

“This commitment has been noticed by the community and is reflected with a five-point increase in the core measure ‘community consultation’ in this year’s survey.

“Having said that, the survey highlights areas where we must lift our performance,” concluded Councillor Payne.  

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