Shire moving to single Councillor wards for 2024 Council Elections

Published on 18 April 2024

Mornington Peninsula Shire will move to a single Councillor ward structure for the 2024 Council Elections.
This comes following an electoral structure review by the Electoral Representation Advisory Panel, appointed by the Minister.

The Shire is one of 39 Councils to have its electoral structure reviewed because of new requirements under the Local Government Act 2020.

This will mean that following the 2024 Council Elections, Mornington Peninsula Shire will have 11 separate wards, each with one Councillor. This is a change from our current structure of six wards with a total of 11 Councillors.
The Gazetted names for the 11 wards are:

  • Brokil Ward
  • Beek Beek Ward
  • Benbenjie Ward
  • Briars Ward
  • Coolart Ward
  • Kackeraboite Ward
  • Moorooduc Ward
  • Nepean Ward
  • Tanti Ward
  • Tootgarook Ward
  • Warringine Ward

Following the 2024 elections in October, the following ward structure will be implemented:

illustration of shire wards.png

To read the report and learn more click here
To download the above map visit: 

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