Respectful relationships impact children and young people

Published on 30 November 2021

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Respectful relationships and happy homes can have long term positive impacts on our children and young people.

Modelling how to communicate well, appreciating each other’s differences and spending quality time together strengthens families and helps nurture healthy relationships.

Yet, in a survey of more than 4,000 young people across the Mornington Peninsula, family conflict was identified as a high risk factor for poor mental health by young people from grade 6 through to year 9.

In addition, we know 1 in 4 young people on the Mornington Peninsula will suffer from depressive symptoms due to family conflict.

Greater awareness of the issue, having access to support services and tools to strengthen relationships can shift the way we relate to one another, deal with differences and cope with adversity.
Together with local family experts, we have developed some strategies to help nurture parent/child relationships and strengthen communication in the family home. For more information, visit  
Your family is invited to join the Family Adventure Challenge these summer holidays. Participating in activities together will put you in the running to win a family getaway to the Bellarine Peninsula. For details of the Family Adventure Challenge, visit
Our family conflict short film raises awareness of the effect of family conflict on a young person’s mental health.  See the short film at 
For support services to help families, visit:
Anglicare ParentZone or call 1800 809 722 
Family Life or call 8599 5433
Better Place or call 1800 639 523
Good Shepherd or call 5971 9444 

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