Recycling – are you doing it right?

Published on 05 November 2020


It's National Recycling Week from 9 November - 15 November and Mornington Peninsula Shire is asking the Peninsula community to recycle right. Our recycling goes to Polytrade in Dandenong South to be sorted, baled and sent to manufacturers to be made into new products.
Unfortunately, the Peninsula’s recycling contamination rate is five per cent higher than Victoria’s average. Let’s do something about that and let’s get it right!
When a non-recyclable item is placed in a recycling bin, the bin is contaminated. This not only comes at a huge cost to the environment adding to landfill, but also comes at a cost for the Shire and ratepayers. Contaminated bins cost the Shire approximately $600,000 per year.
The top seven commonly misplaced items in household recycling bins are:

  • Bagged recyclables (free your items! Pop them loose in the bin)
  • Household rubbish (put in general rubbish bin)
  • Food waste (compost or use up your leftovers)
  • Garden waste (pop it in a green waste bin, compost or take it to the tip)
  • Soft, scrunchable plastics (take it to your local supermarket for recycling)
  • Textiles (repurpose, donate or if it’s not salvageable put it in the rubbish bin)
  • Polystyrene (straight in the general rubbish bin).

Do you have extra recycling at home which can’t fit in the bin? You can order an extra recycling bin for a one-off fee of $65 or drop off excess household recycling at the tips or hoppers free of charge.
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Recycle right webinar
Join one of our free online Demystifying recycling webinars on Wednesday 11 November or Saturday 28 November to become an expert!
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