Protect our Green Wedge

Published on 12 September 2022


The Mornington Peninsula is 70% non-urban yet we are classified as metropolitan. And our community has justifiably asked – why is this? 
Metropolitan classification has many benefits such as significant protections for our Green Wedge, but it also has some limitations. It leaves us trying to address rural and regional needs without access to a range of important funding sources.
But simply reclassifying the Mornington Peninsula as regional is not the answer. We want to maintain our Green Wedge protections. It is essential we safeguard our natural environment. 
Unlike Geelong which has a regional classification - we are not aiming to develop and grow into Victoria’s next biggest city. Our needs are quite different. 
A Peri-Regional approach demands better recognition from the Victorian Government of the unique mix of both urban and rural characteristics across the Mornington Peninsula, including the valuable economic contribution of our agricultural, tourism and cultural industries.
A Peri-Regional Peninsula would benefit from more appropriate regional funding sources to boost our agricultural, tourism and cultural sectors. It would also maintain our strong metropolitan planning protections. It’s a win-win! 
Join us in shouting out to your local member. Shout out to protect our green wedge. Shout out for Peri-Regional status. 
Demand Better. Act Now. Visit: 
Quotes attributable to Mayor, Anthony Marsh: 
“Given we are in large part rural but also have growing towns and large agricultural, tourism and cultural sectors - we need to change our status to one that better suits the Mornington Peninsula’s needs and economic opportunities. Our research tells us Peri-Regional status would best support and fund our unique mix of urban and non-urban priorities. 
“We strongly encourage the Victorian Government to endorse a Peri-Regional Peninsula so that we can protect our Green Wedge, while at the same time support our growing towns and sectors.”



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