Precious water down the drain

Published on 28 October 2022


STOP our valuable recycled water from being wasted!
Help us secure water infrastructure for the Peninsula so that our recycled water doesn’t end up in Bass Straight. Currently, 350 million litres of high-quality recycled water a day is piped the length of the Peninsula, from the Eastern Treatment Plant to Gunnamatta where it is released into the ocean.
Not reusing this valuable water is a missed opportunity for our food growing region. The Mornington Peninsula is made up of 70 per cent Green Wedge and rural land which is critical to Victoria’s food production and security.
Lack of access to water is a significant threat to our farmers and growers. For the Peninsula to continue to be an integral part of Melbourne’s food bowl, producing large volumes of high-quality produce year-round, we must have more sustainable practices.
Having a steady supply of recycled water will reduce our reliance on drinking water and is crucial to the ongoing sustainability of our $1.3 billion agricultural sector.
Across the Peninsula, agriculture contributes $225 million in gross value, represents 11 per cent of the local economy and provides 5,300 jobs.
An effective recycled water scheme would increase drought resilience, promote economic security and growth in the agricultural sector, and provide water supply to emergency services for bushfire-prone areas.
We are asking the Victorian Government for infrastructure upgrades to secure our recycled water supply. We need:

  • $30 million for the Tyabb-Somerville Recycled Scheme
  • support for the development of the Hinterland Environmental Water Scheme.

Join us in shouting out for the Peninsula. Shout out for recycled water.
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Quotes attributable to Mayor, Cr Anthony Marsh:
 “We must be smarter about the way we use our valuable water resources. Tapping into recycled water would greatly increase our resilience during drought and strengthen the region’s water supply for our farmers and growers.”
“The benefits of using recycled water extend beyond farms – it will supply water to community sporting and recreational grounds that require water throughout the year and supply our emergency services with water, across a bushfire-prone area.”
“Investing in the infrastructure required to secure a recycled water supply for the Peninsula will be of great benefit to all Victorians.”



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