Peninsula residents rise to the compost challenge

Published on 09 August 2018


Peninsula residents have well and truly risen to Mornington Peninsula Shire’s first ever Peninsula Compost Challenge, with close to three tonnes of household waste diverted from landfill in just six weeks.

Earlier this year the Shire invited community members to track their composting progress over six weeks and discover just how much food waste can be diverted from landfill by composting at home.

More than 175 peninsula households took up the Shire’s six-week challenge to convert their food waste from rubbish to compost, tracking their progress along the way.

Participating households reported composting an average of 2.7kg of food waste each week.

The Shire also asked participants to track the types of food waste and total volume composted with close to 80% of recorded waste being fruits, vegetables and salads derived from leftovers or food scraps. 

Composting is a natural process that can be harnessed in your own backyard to create a rich and natural soil conditioner for your garden.

The Dickenson family of St Andrews Beach participated in the challenge and were the lucky winners of a Yolo compost tumbler from the Shire.

The tumbler will soon be busy transforming the family’s food waste in to valuable nutrients for the garden.

Shire Mayor Councillor Bryan Payne said the challenge aims to create awareness around the amount of food waste in our rubbish bins, increase composting and promote healthy living on the peninsula.

“We know our community is keen to minimise waste on the Peninsula, and it’s great to see such a strong uptake in our inaugural challenge”.

Earlier this year the Shire also held a one-month trial of pop up recycling hubs in Rosebud and Sorrento, which saw more than 600kgs of household items diverted from landfill.

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PICTURE CAPTION: The Dickenson family from St Andrews Beach, winners of a compost tumbler as part of the Shire’s Peninsula Compost Challenge.



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