Partial closure of Mount Martha North beach

Published on 15 November 2022


A section of Mount Martha North beach poses a significant safety risk and has been temporarily closed.
Ongoing erosion caused by high tides and rainfall has destabilised the cliff at the back of the beach, making it vulnerable to collapse. 
A recent assessment has found the cliff poses an unacceptable safety risk. This week’s intense rainfall is likely to have further increased the risk that the cliff may collapse.
As the committee of management for the beach, the Shire has temporarily closed the section of beach nearest the unstable cliff until further notice. 
The area has been cordoned off and warning signs installed. The cordoned off area includes 49 beach boxes directly in front of the cliff (beach box numbers 92 to 151 inclusive).
We are in the process of contacting all affected beach box owners and will work with them to retrieve any personal items they would like to take from their beach box once the weather has improved.
Owners are asked not to use their beach box as it is not safe to do so. The area in front of the beach boxes will remain open for recreational use. 
We have commissioned an updated risk assessment of the beach, which should be ready by Christmas and will inform next steps. This will give us more information about the impact of recent rain events.
The State Government has ultimate responsibility for all foreshore Crown land, and we will continue to work closely with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) to explore options for the longer-term future of Mount Martha North beach.
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Quotes attributable to Mayor Councillor Anthony Marsh:
“We understand this must be very disappointing, especially for those beach box owners affected.”
“Erosion has been an ongoing issue at this beach for many years and the situation has worsened due to recent weather events.”
“We have commissioned further investigations and should know more by Christmas. And we will continue to work closely with DELWP on next steps.”
“We will keep beach box owners and the wider community informed of any updates as soon as we have them.”
“In the meantime, we ask people to avoid entering the cordoned off area. It is not safe.”

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