Our 2022/23 bin day calendars now available!

Published on 04 October 2022

Bin calendars 2022-23.jpg

Have you recently moved or are new to the Mornington Peninsula? Download our helpful bin day calendar and pop it on your fridge! Our bin calendar is user friendly and split into two collection zone areas.

To download the calendar and find out which day to put your bins out. Simply enter your address in our handy ‘find my bin day’ tool here: mornpen.vic.gov.au/findyourbinday

In response to the State Government’s Recycling Victoria Policy, we’re currently transitioning to new bin lid colours. These bin lid colours are being standardised across the state.
We’re changing from blue recycling bin lids and dark green rubbish bin lids to

  • yellow = recycling bin
  • red = rubbish bin

There will be no change to the food and garden organics bin, so your green lid bin will remain for food and garden organics.
The transition to the new bin lid colours will be gradual, with damaged or new bins being issued in the new colours to begin with. This means while we transition to the new standardised bin lids your bin lid colour may be different to your neighbours.
These changes will not affect bin collections, how you dispose of your items, or the service in any way.
If you’re new to the area, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with what goes in each bin as every council area is a little bit different. Download the A-Z waste and recycling guide and the food and green waste brochure


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