One step closer to clarity for the Tyabb Airfield

Published on 04 September 2020


This week’s decision by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) to permit flying during the ‘Churching hour’ between 9.30am – 10.30am on Sundays has been welcomed by Council in its pursuit of clarity for the airfield and the community.
Mornington Peninsula Shire Mayor Sam Hearn said as the responsible authority, Council has a duty to provide clarity on all planning and permit issues for the community and we can do this now on this particular issue.
“This is a small but important step in our ongoing quest to fix the current confusion about decades’ old permits that have created misunderstandings and frustration for the Tyabb airfield and the local community. 
“As the VCAT meetings continue , whether instigated by the Council or the Peninsula Aero Club (PAC),  we look forward to further clarifications so we can focus on supporting Tyabb; which includes the airfield and a growing community”.
Further VCAT meetings to resolve the issues around the three existing planning permits will continue on  26 October 2020 for a full day compulsory conference, and 12 April 2021 for the final 5-day hearing. 
Council’s position statement on the three key planning permits relating to the airfield is available on the Shire’s website at:

Mayor Hearn concluded “Let’s sort this long running permit mess out once and for all so we can all move on to building a healthy PAC, a growing airfield and a well-informed community confident in its coexistence with the facility”.

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