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Published on 18 June 2021


Mornington Peninsula Shire and the National Trust, Mornington Peninsula branch are inviting nominations for the 2021 Heritage Awards.
The awards recognise projects and people in our community who have demonstrated excellence in preservation, restoration and reuse of heritage places on the Mornington Peninsula.
While the word ‘heritage’ conjures images of built forms, the scope for the Heritage Awards goes further to cover landscape, cemeteries, wetlands, interpretive signage, and people that have contributed to the longevity of our heritage.
Our heritage includes public and private places, buildings, gardens and objects. These places are an important part of our culture and environment and the Mornington Peninsula Heritage Awards highlight and celebrate our distinct heritage. 
Categories include:

  • Restoration of a heritage place: best practice heritage restoration work in built form, landscape, wetlands, cemeteries, monuments or heritage gardens.
  • Creative reuse of a heritage place: a process that changes a disused or redundant heritage place to a different purpose while retaining its original integrity.
  • Sustainability and/or greening of a heritage place: to increase awareness of the contribution to environmental sustainability of heritage places.
  • Specialist heritage trade skills: recognition of trade persons using specialist and traditional methods and craftsmanship to a very high standard.
  • Excellence in interpretive signage: recognition of interpretive signage of a high quality that has contributed to the heritage of the Mornington Peninsula 

Nominations are open from 21 June to 26 July 2021.
To nominate:

Mornington Peninsula Heritage Awards is a joint program of the National Trust Mornington Peninsula Branch and Mornington Peninsula Shire.
 Quotes attributable to Mayor Councillor Despi O’Connor:
“This is an opportunity to celebrate some of the exceptional places and people on the Peninsula and I encourage the community to apply.
“Community members using their skills and ingenuity to restore and maintain heritage places deserve to have their work recognised.
“These awards serve to highlight and inspire our community to celebrate the unique heritage of the Mornington Peninsula.”
Quotes attributable to National Trust, Mornington Peninsula branch President, Judy Walsh:
“These annual awards present an opportunity to acknowledge individuals, groups and practitioners who have demonstrated expertise in restoration or creative reuse of built and environmental forms of heritage and excellence in interpretive signage.
“Heritage in its various forms is a cultural asset of the Peninsula and these awards are a contribution to preserving places of significance for the future.
“The Mornington Peninsula branch of the National Trust is once again looking forward to participating in the annual Heritage Awards with the Shire.”

Photo: Recipients of the 2019 Heritage Awards  


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