Mornington Peninsula recycling saved from landfill

Published on 29 July 2019

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Mornington Peninsula Shire has engaged Solo Resource Recovery to ensure household recycling will avoid landfill after contracted provider SKM put a sudden stop on all incoming material late last week.

The Shire along with at least 30 other local Councils was informed on Thursday night that SKM would cease accepting recyclable material effective immediately.

Shire Mayor Councillor David Gill described the shutdown as devastating and said Council had worked quickly to enact plans to engage a new provider with all collected recyclable material going to Solo from Monday 29 July.

“Council has been proactive in working with the industry to source an alternate provider and minimise the impact to our community and the Peninsula’s precious environment. 

“We were prepared and have been able to contain the damage to just one day’s worth of collections.

“Many other Councils will be forced to landfill tonnes of recyclables.

“Advanced warning from the state government that further compliance matters at SKM were being addressed would have allowed us and other Councils to minimise the environmental impact by bringing forward contingency plans for a potential shut down.

“The state government has again failed to support our community by ensuring that the landfill levy collected from all tip users is used to fix this environmental crisis.

“Council will continue to work with other Councils and the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group (MWRRG) to develop effective local and state level solutions and advocate for urgent policy change from the state government”, concluded Cr Gill.

The Shire acknowledges continual disruptions to the industry can be confusing for our community. There will be no disruption to kerbside in collections and it’s more important than ever to recycle right and reduce the amount of waste you produce.

Shutdowns are temporary and practicing correct recycling habits will go a long way towards ensuring materials can be processed efficiently in future.

How can you make a difference?

•           Reduce packaging

•           Give your things a second life by upcycling or repairing

•           Borrow or buy second hand

•           Bring reusable bags when you shop – don’t buy single use plastics

•           Compost your food waste – join the Shire’s Compost Challenge at:

•           Take three for the sea and pick up three pieces of rubbish when you visit our beaches

•           Take advantage of the free recycling Transfer Stations in the Shire

•           Join the conversation online using #rescueourrecycling on social media

•           Volunteer to be a Recycling Champion at:

Find out more about Rubbish and Recycling here:

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