Peninsula receives almost $6 million in Black Spot Program funding

Published on 03 September 2020


Mornington Peninsula Shire was successful in obtaining more than $5.9 million in funding through the Federal Black Spot Program 2020/21.
The Black Spot Program aims to reduce road trauma by targeting the locations where multiple crashes have occurred in the past five years.
This year the Federal Government expanded its allocation state-wide to $38.7 million for the 2020/21 program.
Nine of the eleven Shire projects submitted to the program will be progressed through the Black Spot Program or other funding opportunities. These projects are:
Mount Eliza Pedestrian Safety Improvements          
Improvements to pedestrian infrastructure in the Mount Eliza Activity Centre. Works include raising and narrowing existing pedestrian crossings, warning lights, 40km/h area and other associated works.
Hodgins/Stumpy Gully Road, Tuerong Intersection Upgrade
Improvements to the intersection of Hodgins and Stumpy Gully roads in Tuerong with a rural standard compact roundabout.    
Myers/Hendersons Road, Bittern Intersection         
Improvements to the intersection of Myers and Hendersons roads in Bittern with a compact roundabout. 
Hastings Township 40 km/h Area         
Implementation of best practice area-wide speed limit reduction including regular and electronic signage and road markings.
Shoreham Road Safety Upgrade          
A combination of sealing of road shoulders and installation of crash barriers to reduce both the likelihood and severity of crashes.           
Dromana Township 40 km/h Area         
Implementation of best practice area-wide speed limit reduction including regular and electronic signage and road markings.
Codrington/Ligar Street, Dromana Intersection Upgrade 
Improvements to the intersection of Codrington and Ligar streets in Dromana with a low speed compact roundabout.
Projects to be delivered through other funding sources:

  • Merricks Road/Stanleys Road Intersection Upgrade, Merricks North (Roads to Recovery Program)
  • Rosebud Township 40km/h area (Shire funding)

Unsuccessful project applications:

  • Coolart Road/Myers Road Intersection, Bittern
  • Balnarring Road/Myers Road Intersection, Balnarring

Mornington Peninsula Shire Mayor Councillor Sam Hearn said “we want to thank the Federal Government as out of the 79 Victorian municipalities and $38.7 million in the Black Spot Program, we’ve received over 15% of this vital and necessary funding for Peninsula roads”. 
“Mornington Peninsula Shire is committed to road safety – with the vision of all journeys to be safe and feel safe for all road users by 2050.

“The Mornington Peninsula has unacceptably high levels of road trauma. In the past decade alone, 75 people have been killed and more than 1500 seriously injured on roads within the Mornington Peninsula Shire.
“With the support of its road safety partners, the Shire has a strong commitment to reducing severe road trauma on the Peninsula.  

“In April 2016, the Shire became Victoria’s first Towards Zero municipality and adopted the goal of zero road deaths and serious injuries on roads within the Shire.
“As part of this, the Shire adopted the safe system approach to road safety addressing the four pillars of safer roads and roadsides, safer speeds, safer vehicles and safer road use.

“Over the past year, the Shire consulted with the community on its draft Mornington Peninsula Towards Zero Road Safety Strategy for 2020-2025. It is anticipated to be adopted by Council in September 2020.
“This Strategy, together with funding like the Federal Black Spot Program, will help respond to the challenge of reducing road trauma on the Peninsula.
“There is an ongoing positive impact that these and all our other projects will have on people’s safety and wellbeing on the Peninsula,” concluded Councillor Hearn.

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