Mornington Peninsula goes electric

Published on 01 May 2023


Be part of a clean energy future by moving your home or business to all-electric.
Why you ask? Well, it’s healthier, cheaper to run, better for the environment, and essential to a comfortable, modern home.
Energy bills are rising for everyone and switching to efficient electric appliances can help reduce costs and protect against bill shock and future price rises. 
It doesn’t have to be all at once. Take your time and prepare so when appliances such as hot water need replacing, you’re ready to make the switch.
If it takes six months or six years, you can move to renewable electricity for clean air and a safe choice for your household.   
Electric appliances are safe and healthy, and don’t create any indoor pollution linked to illness such as asthma in children. By planning your switch now, you’ll be safeguarding your family’s health for the future. 
Electric options also deliver on our environmental targets, and with a Victorian electricity grid that’s getting cleaner every year we can all make a real difference to our carbon footprint and reduce the impacts from climate change. 
To help support our local residents and businesses transition to being all-electric, we’ve created a Go Electric Action Plan template (
for you to use and consider each of the five key steps to becoming a fully electric household:

  • Install solar or switch to Greenpower. 
  • Switch to reverse-cycle air-conditioning for heating. 
  • Replace old gas hot water with heat pump system. 
  • Upgrade to induction cooking. 
  • Move to electric transport (bikes and cars). 

You can also check out our webpage to see a list
of resources and information on rebates, incentives, and financing options to help make the transition to electric homes and businesses more affordable.
Have questions? Our experts will be ready to answer your questions about going electric live on Facebook, Wednesday 10 May from 10am until 1pm.



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