Mornington Peninsula Shire Council prepares for schoolies

Published on 24 October 2018


Mornington Peninsula Shire Council is sending a clear message to school leavers thinking about visiting the area; the Peninsula is not a party destination, it’s our home.

Shire Mayor Councillor Bryan Payne said “the Peninsula is a great place to holiday but our community live and work here and our neighbourhoods need to be respected”.

School leavers week, better known as Schoolies Week is approaching and the state-wide response Good Times, Great Breaks is well underway to ensure visiting young people are celebrating respectfully and safely with minimal impact to the community.

The Shire has taken steps at a local level to improve community safety including CCTV installation at Rye.

The Shire has also adopted the innovative Short Stay Rental Local Law.

The Shire’s Local Law is the first of its kind in the state and creates a registration system that identifies the owner of the property and requires the owner to nominate an appointed agent who must respond immediately (within two hours) to neighbour complaints.

It also establishes a Code of Conduct that sets expectations for the behaviour of occupants, and controls over car parking and rubbish disposal.

Councillor Payne said “schoolies is an issue for many Council’s across the country and we’ve taken action to protect the amenity of our residents.

“Homeowners will be held accountable and face potential fines if occupants or guests are unable to comply with the code of conduct.

“My message to home owners is to think about who you’re renting to, especially during Schoolies Week”.

The Shire is working closely with local police to reduce negative impacts of Schoolies Week.

No official schoolies events are planned for the Mornington Peninsula area this year. School leavers are encouraged to keep this in mind when visiting the area.

If the behaviour of the occupants of a Short Stay Rental Accommodation is causing a disturbance you can phone the Designated Contact Person and ask them to address the problem.

You may also choose to contact Council to report the matter at any time of day or night.

An Authorised Officer will contact you on the next calendar day to take further details from you and investigate the complaint. This does not include intervention with the occupants, this remains the responsibility of the Owner or the Police.

The Shire’s afterhours phone contact service is available from 5pm through to 8:30am on weekdays and across the weekend via 1300 850 600.

If you wish to speak to Council during normal business hours, you can call the Environmental Protection Unit on 5950 1050.

For more information or to register a property, visit:

Information for school leavers

  • You should register with GTGB at and like us on Facebook (@goodtimesgreatbreaksvictoria) for updates
  • Registering will ensure young people get access to all the support on offer, such as: get home safe buses; Red Frog’s chill out safe zones; pancake breakfasts and free water
  • All GTGB officials will be wearing ID with the GTGB logo clearly shown.

Information for parents

Here are some tips and advice for preparing your children for Schoolies:

  • Start the conversation about 'Schoolies' early
  • Set reasonable expectations for your teenager
  • Talk to your children about alcohol and drugs
  • Encourage them to register with 'Good Times Great Breaks' - the State and Local Government Initiative.

Information for the local community

  • Mornington Peninsula Shire has increased cleaning services in popular areas
  • There is no foreshore camping available for school leavers
  • Mornington Peninsula Shire is funded by the state government to deliver the Good Times, Great Breaks Safety Response
  • Emergencies should be reported to Victoria Police on: 000
  • To report Rubbish or a bin requiring attention, contact the Shire on or report it online at
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