Mornington Peninsula Shire - CEO salary

Published on 09 December 2021


Mornington Peninsula Shire Council resolved at Tuesday's meeting to disclose the CEO's salary in the interests of public transparency and accountability.
Council undertook its yearly performance and remuneration review of the CEO John Baker in November 2021. Councillors discussed the details of the review in-camera at the 15 November meeting, as information about a person and their personal affairs is confidential under the Local Government Act 2020. 
However, in the interests of transparent and accountable decision-making, Council determined at its Tuesday 8 December meeting to release additional details of the review and remuneration to the public. 
A quarterly review of the CEO's performance is undertaken by all Councillors with the assistance of an external consultant, with a yearly remuneration review. The review process is thorough and ensures that the CEO and the organisation is meeting the key performance outcomes set in the Council Plan and other key performance outcomes decided by the Council.
When considering the sum of the remuneration package, Council was advised on industry standards through benchmarking of similar sized and placed councils; and considered the assessment of Mr Baker's performance over each of the quarters, a previous two-year pay freeze and the CEO's self-initiated 10% pay cut during 2021. 
Following this considered approach, Councillors determined that the CEO's total remuneration package be $425,000, including superannuation.
Quotes attributable to Mayor Anthony Marsh.
"All Councillors and the CEO supported the public disclosure of the CEO's salary. Council is confident that its decision is appropriate, supported by sector standards and the achievements of the CEO.”
“Retaining a high performing CEO is essential for ensuring the best outcomes for our community. This decision is a vote of confidence from Council in the CEO to lead the Shire into 2022 and beyond."


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