Mornington Peninsula Green Wedge threatened by a thousand cuts

Published on 22 June 2018


The head of one of the major community conservation groups on the Mornington Peninsula today warned that the Mornington Peninsula, one of Victoria's most important environmental assets, will suffer death by a thousand cuts without support from all levels of Government. 

Christine Haydon Co-Founder of Peninsula Speaks, said there is widespread community support for Green Wedge protection through huge turnouts at public meetings and a petition of more than 12,000 residents presented to the Victorian Planning Minister, Richard Wynne over the removal of height controls on development in township residential areas.

Ms Haydon said "the Green Wedge is under a clear and present danger of death from a thousand cuts from multiple activities including the confused planning policies of the State Government on Residential Zones impacting on every township and coastal villages on the peninsula. 

"The Department of Planning in Victoria have deserted the pilot's seat and left planning of the Mornington Peninsula's towns flying blind in the hands of private building surveyors so that nobody is notified when a three storey McMansion is planned next door."

Ms Haydon said there is widespread destruction of trees throughout the Green Wedge, especially trees of significance, whereby trees can be cut down without a permit under current planning rules using the 10-metre rule. Once established trees are removed a replacement tree can take decades to grow to maturity.

Other areas of major concern include: 

  • The incursion into the Green Wedge by numerous attempts at tourism activity and other ventures that do not comply within the Green Wedge Zone.
  • The attempts to take water from streams to dam without permits and to illegally tap into aquifers.
  • The destruction of habitat eg fencing out kangaroos.    

Ms Haydon welcomed the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council's release of the Green Wedge Management Plan for public comment and urged the community to participate.

"The vision for the Green Wedge was born 50 years ago recognising once areas such as the Mornington Peninsula were destroyed by urbanisation they were gone for ever.

"It is imperative the Green Wedges are actively supported by all levels of Government with coordinated planning and all political parties as part of their policies in the interest of following generations," Ms Haydon added.

 View the Video of the Drone Flight of the Green Wedge HERE. 

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