McMansion Blitz by Government on peninsula Becomes Election Issue

Published on 28 June 2018


The imposition of three storey homes in traditionally small scale residential areas, which would lead to over development of the historic Mornington Peninsula coastal villages and townships, has now become an election issue.  

In March 2017 the Victorian Government introduced changes to residential planning zones on the Mornington Peninsula to make it easier for three storey homes to be built within many township areas and in established neighbourhoods.

The planning changes impact on 24,000 properties (25%) of all houses on the Mornington Peninsula in the townships of Capel Sound, Rosebud, Dromana, Mount Martha, Mornington, Baxter, Somerville, Tyabb, Hastings and Bittern.

These changes to the planning scheme were introduced overnight without any consultation or discussion with the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council or the community.    

Mornington Peninsula Shire Mayor Cr. Bryan Payne said the Council is pleased the State Opposition in press reports, has signalled the State Opposition would scrap the as of right ‘three storey’ regressive planning changes.

Cr. Payne said “the Council and the community will request the Premier Daniel Andrews, and Samantha Ratnam, Leader of the Victorian Greens, would also make a similar commitment and take a bipartisan approach on this important issue for future generations.  

“For over four decades there has been a bipartisan approach by Government and Opposition’s from all sides of politics to protect the special characteristics of the Mornington Peninsula.

“The villages and townships on the edge of the Green Wedge boundaries and the coastline represent a major historical record of settlement and established neighbourhood environments.

“They should not be allowed through poor planning policy at State Government level turn the Mornington Peninsula towns and settlements into metropolitan McMansion style over-developed urban precincts.”

Cr. Payne said one of the consequences of the Victorian Government’s as of right three storey planning changes is the increase in applications for three storey apartment blocks in residential streets that will change the neighbourhood dramatically by their style and height.

 “This is causing great concern among many residents throughout the Mornington Peninsula,” Cr. Payne said.   

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