Making Mothers Beach, Mornington safer and more accessible

Published on 16 March 2023


Mornington Peninsula Shire is required to provide safe access for recreational and commercial water users in the bay. Part of this includes sand movement or dredging to ensure boating and watercraft areas are safe and accessible. 
Dredging is being undertaken at Mothers Beach, Mornington to provide safe access to and from the bay. These works have begun this week until early April 2023.
Dredging is starting after consultation with the Yacht Club and aims to reduce impacts on beach and water users while considering weather and environmental considerations.
When dredging is undertaken, we’ll also be renourishing the nearby Shire Hall Beach where sand levels have declined.
A detailed environmental management plan has been developed to ensure the Shire is minimising any impacts to the environment, while continuing to provide safe access for boating and watercraft.
The State Government has approved the works under the Marine and Coastal Act, with Parks Victoria to approve the environmental management plan prior to works commencing.
As dredging begins, we will continue to monitor the environmental impacts and work closely with community groups, Parks Victoria and Better Boating Victoria.

We thank you for your patience during this time.
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Quotes attributable to Mayor and Briars Ward Councillor Steve Holland:

“Dredging will ensure boats and other watercraft can safely access the boat ramp at Mothers Beach. We’ve worked hard to ensure the least impact to the environment and users during this time – thank you for your cooperation.”

Quotes attributable to Briars Ward Councillor Anthony Marsh:
“As part of the works we’ll also be prioritising the restoration of much-needed sand at Shire Beach Hall. I’m looking forward to seeing the beach after the works are completed.”
Quotes attributable to Briars Ward Councillor Despi O’Connor:
“The local community and local boat users will see a transformed Mothers Beach and Shire Hall Beach in a month’s time. We hope these improvements benefit all users.”


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