Local farmers may hold the key to carbon storage

Published on 28 October 2021


In an upcoming event local farmers and green wedge land holders will learn how they can help us reach a goal to sequester 1 million tonnes of carbon by 2030. 

The Zero Emissions Farming Field Day conference will explore opportunities for local farmers and landholders to capture and store carbon from the atmosphere in carbon sinks such as trees and soils. 

Participants will learn about the benefits of zero-emission farming, the latest research and technology information as well as industry progress from a panel of experts.  

Keynote speakers include: 

  • Richard Eckard, Professor and Director at Primary Industries Climate Challenges Centre, University of Melbourne 
  • Graeme Anderson, Climate Specialist at Agriculture Victoria 
  • Katie McRobert, General Manager at Australian Farm Institute. 

What is carbon sequestration?  

Carbon sequestration is the process of removal and storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere in carbon sinks such as forests, woody plants, mangroves or soils. Storing carbon dioxide can lessen or reverse climate change. 

Zero Emissions Farming Field Day – in person and online 

Date and time: Wednesday 17 November, 9am - 4pm (from 10am for live streaming audience) 

Venue: Tucks Restaurant, 37 Shoreham road, Red Hill South (catering included) 

Mornington Peninsula, Casey and Cardinia landholders will receive priority access to tickets for the face-to-face event at Tucks Winery.  

More information and registrations ppwcma.vic.gov.au/zeroemissionsfarming 

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