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Published on 10 July 2024

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We're excited to announce the launch of the ‘Two Bays' podcast series, an inspiring new project funded by our Climate Action Grant.

Created by the innovative local start-up Regeneration Projects, this podcast series shines a spotlight on climate champions and aims to empower business owners to take actionable steps toward reducing their carbon emissions.

The 'Two Bays' podcast features stories from local businesses, including the Revillaging Project, Southern Seagreens, Hickinbothams of Dromana, Wild Adventures Melbourne, Torello Farm, Sunbutter Skincare, Red Gum BBQ, Barragunda Estate and Sorrento Golf Course.

These local heroes are setting the standard for sustainability in our community, offering real-life examples of how businesses can contribute to a healthier planet.

The podcast has also brought together a diverse group of organisations, including Mornington Peninsula Landcare Network, Trust for Nature, Western Port Biosphere, Flinders Zero Carbon Community Inc., and many others to showcase how they are inspiring our community to take climate action.

Each episode offers insights into various sustainable practices, from embracing renewable energy to food waste reduction, employing regenerative farming methods to become a certified B-Corporation.

These stories not only highlight the tangible benefits of sustainability but can help inspire businesses to take actionable steps towards their own green transformation.

Businesses can use these examples as motivation to innovate, implement change, and lead their industry towards a more sustainable future.

Some of the inspiring businesses who’ve received a Climate Action Grant featured in the podcast include:

  • Southern Seagreens: Bert and Cam began a native kelp nursery in Dromana. Kelp can absorb carbon at rates up to 50 times greater than forests on land.
  • Revillaging Project: Installation of a large worm farm and indigenous shelterbelt to improve the productivity of their vegetable farm in Boneo.
  • Sorrento Golf Course: The purchasing of a food dehydration system, which processes food waste into compost for the grounds, reducing landfill waste by 40 per cent and also the need for chemical fertilisers.

For your weekly dose of inspiration, discover the Two Bays Podcast on your favourite audio streaming service, including Apple Podcast and Spotify.

Join us in celebrating and supporting the incredible work being done by our local businesses.

Download the Two Bays podcast now:  regenprojects.earth/two-bays-podcast

Thinking about applying for a Climate Action Grant? The grants (Community Action Stream) open 13 July 2024 –click here for details

Quotes attributable to Mayor Councillor Simon Brooks:

"Two Bays Podcast highlights examples of local businesses and community leaders tackling climate change through practical, achievable steps. We look forward to supporting more innovative projects through our Climate Action Grants program."

Quotes attributable to Matt Sykes, Regeneration Podcasts:

"Thanks to the Climate Action Grant, the Two Bays Podcast has been able to spotlight the stories of 19 leaders in businesses and organisations making a positive impact. We're now up to over 760 downloads!"

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