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Published on 27 April 2021


Do you want to build your digital skills and confidence? Or do you have a family member who is having a difficult time keeping up with the digital world?

Our Library has teamed up with the Be Connected Network to run programs throughout the Peninsula for over 50 years old who would like a little more help with their digital skills.

You’ll learn about:

  • being safe online and avoid scams and tricks
  • online shopping
  • using social media platforms to remain connected
  • video calling
  • shopping and paying safely on-line
  • the cloud
  • setting up a smart home


Sessions coming up in June and July 

Paying safely online and how to join PayPal 
Mornington: 11am, Tuesday 1 June
Somerville: 2pm, Wednesday 2 June
Hastings: 4pm, Wednesday 2 June
Rosebud: 2pm, Thursday 3 June

We will introduce a top-rated and standard payment service called PayPal and teach you how to use it for safer online purchases. 

How to buy/sell online using eBay 
Mornington: 11am, Tuesday 15 June
Somerville: 2pm, Wednesday 16 June
Hastings: 4pm, Wednesday 16 June
Rosebud: 2pm, Thursday 17 June

In this course, we’ll look at how to register for an eBay account, the two different ways goods are sold on eBay, what happens after you buy an item, and how to avoid disputes. 

What is the cloud? 
Mornington: 11am, Tuesday 29 June
Somerville: 2pm, Wednesday 30 June
Hastings: 4pm, Wednesday 30 June
Rosebud: 2pm, Thursday 1 July

What do people mean when they say: ‘it's in the cloud’? You will find out how the cloud works, what you can do with it and where your personal information is stored and kept safe. 

Smart home 
Mornington: 11am, Tuesday 13 July 
Somerville: 2pm, Wednesday 14 July
Hastings: 4pm, Wednesday 14 July
Rosebud: 2pm, Thursday 15 July

We will teach you about smart home and voice assistant technology. We will explain what a smart home is, and you'll discover how smart home technology can benefit you. 

How to attend a session

All sessions will be run in the libraries with COVID restrictions in place. In the event we cannot run in person classes we will offer online sessions via Zoom.

To enrol in all or one of the following subjects, book online or call Our Library on 5950 1230.

For more information and to view all sessions up to July visit:

This project is funded by the Good Things Foundation and is an Australian wide initiative. Mornington Peninsula Libraries are a community partner in the Be Connected Network and offer in person and online sessions to help people develop digital skills and confidence.

Quotes attributable to Mayor Councillor Despi O’Connor:

“The online classes throughout March to July educate and build confidence in older Australians on the digital world, including how to stay socially connected to family and friends, gain confidence in navigating the internet and learn how to stay safe online by creating strong passwords and avoiding scams.”


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