Keeping a safe road and pedestrian network

Published on 08 May 2024

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Mornington Peninsula Shire has engaged consultants to complete a condition assessment of structures in our road and pedestrian network.

This includes 256 structures like boardwalks, foot bridges, jetties, lookouts and road structures like culverts. 

The inspection work will begin this week and will take around one month to complete.

During this time, you may see the consultants using binoculars, high zoom digital cameras and caged drones. These devices are used to inspect the structures, pinpoint problems, and take photos.

All cameras are focused on the structures and no images or recordings will be taken of people or commercial/private properties.

We thank you for your patience during this condition inspection. From this assessment we aim to provide better maintenance, connectivity and safety on our roads and footpaths.

As always, we welcome community feedback regarding potential hazards on the Peninsula. These can be reported via

Quotes attributable to Mayor Councillor Simon Brooks:
“These findings will help us identify the condition of our community structures, as well as fund and plan for future maintenance and renewal works in our road and pedestrian network.”

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