Keeping Peninsula waterways clean is everyone’s business

Published on 29 November 2018

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Clean waterways are everyone’s business and we all have a role to play in protecting our natural environment.

Mornington Peninsula Shire is working together with Melbourne Water and South East Water to help keep local waterways clean and ensure industrial trade waste doesn’t make its way to our local catchments and beaches.

Shire Mayor Councillor David Gill urged local business owners to be diligent when disposing of industrial trade waste.

“It’s up to all of us to work together to ensure industrial trade waste is directed to the sewer and kept out of our waterways.

“Stormwater drains at industrial estates often feed into significant catchment areas. For example, Rosebud West and Mornington industrial estates flow into Port Phillip Bay.

“Monitoring and protecting local waterways and stormwater drains is an essential part of the Shire’s efforts to protect our environment”.

Stormwater drains at the Rosebud West Industrial Estate also feed into Drum Drum Alloc catchment which then flows into Chinamans Creek within close proximity to Tootgarook Wetland; the largest groundwater-dependent ecosystem and freshwater marsh in the region.

The Shire suggests local businesses follow five simple tips to keep waterways clean:

  1. Check your drains and conduct a waste audit of your business. Identify and then manage your waste streams effectively, efficiently and legally. Is your wastewater going where it should? Consider what other companies within your industry are doing
  2. Review your product choices. Set environmental standards for your suppliers as well as yourselves. Ask your suppliers to help reduce your chemical usage and therefore the risk to your business
  3. Only store what you need, keep all storage areas uncluttered, clean and clearly labelled. Ensure that stored materials cannot contaminate stormwater. Only stockpile wastes if this enables more cost-effective recycling
  4. Designate a bunded area. Have a spill kit available. Ensure your staff can quickly and safely block stormwater drains in an emergency
  5. Ensure all staff know the difference between stormwater and sewer. Ask for help. The Shire has a range of educational materials available to assist business owners and staff to prevent stormwater pollution while protecting our waterways and beaches.

This Shire work is assisted by the Victorian Government through Melbourne Water Corporation as part of the Living Rivers Stormwater Program.

For more information or to access the business resources online, visit:

If you see a contaminated waterway or witness incorrect disposal of industrial trade waste, contact the Shire or report it online at:

PHOTO CAPTION: Mayor Gill lending a hand with drain marking at the drain outfall in Rosebud Industrial Estate. 

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