Is your business allergy aware?

Published on 17 May 2022


Did you know Australia has one of the highest rates of food allergies in the world, with one in 10 children developing an allergy before their first birthday?
We’re encouraging the Mornington Peninsula community and local food businesses to help raise awareness about food allergies and take action during this year’s Food Allergy Week (23 – 28 May 2022).
Food Allergy Week is an important annual initiative by Allergens and Anaphylaxis Australia, aiming to raise awareness, reduce the risks of food allergy and help manage potentially life-threatening emergencies when they happen.
It is important food service providers have a strong understanding of food allergen management. So as part of Food Allergy Week, the Shire is urging local businesses to take part in free online training about food allergen management
This course is designed to assist proprietors, food handlers and any other staff who work in a food business to gain knowledge about food allergens, and to develop best practice procedures for making their food business safe for customers with food allergy. 

The Shire also encourages all food businesses to implement an Allergen Management Plan (inclusive of an Allergen Matrix) to assist when preparing or serving food to someone with a food allergy.
Our Environmental Health Officers regularly assist food retailers to manage their allergen awareness, and through theBest Bites program, the Shire recognises those businesses who are using best practice in allergen management.
Environmental Health Officers have also recently been providing free training sessions to all food businesses and we invite you to get involved in the next one we run. To register your interest for the next session, or phone 5950 1373.
To learn more about Food Allergy Week visit:
The Allergen Bureau has useful resources for the food industry, including the Vital Program and the allergen risk review


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