Improved vegetation clearing planning controls for bushfire protection

Published on 19 August 2020


Mornington Peninsula Shire Council has been successful in advocating to the state government for improved planning controls for vegetation removal on the Peninsula.            

On Wednesday 5 August 2020, changes to the current vegetation removal exemptions came into effect through Amendment VC176. This state-wide change aligns the 10/30 and fence line vegetation exemptions with the Bushfire Prone Area map across all Victorian Councils.
This means that landowners outside the Bushfire Prone Area and where there is a permit trigger for vegetation removal (for example, areas covered by the Vegetation Protection Overlay, Environmental Significance Overlay, Significant Landscape Overlay) will now need to apply for a planning permit to remove vegetation.
Mornington Peninsula Shire Mayor Councillor Sam Hearn said Council has been advocating for such changes for over five years.

“We are pleased to see this sensible clarification of planning controls and realignment of exemptions to help conserve vegetation, habitat and biodiversity outside of bushfire risk areas on the Peninsula whilst supporting landowners in protecting their lives and properties in areas at risk from bushfires.
“This will ensure many of the towns and villages will no longer be able to use the bushfire exemption for removing vegetation on residential properties that have an existing environmental overlay.”

What is a 10/30 rule or fence line vegetation exemption?
Often you need a planning permit if you want to remove vegetation from your property. The 10/30 rule or fence line exemptions allow you to clear vegetation to help protect your property from bushfires without a planning permit if your property is located within a Bushfire Prone Area.
This exemption previously applied across the whole of the Mornington Peninsula, it now only applies to areas within a Bushfire Prone Area.
How do you find out if your property is in a Bushfire Prone Area?
Bushfire Prone Areas are determined by the state government. You can determine if your property is within a Bushfire Prone Area or is affected by the Bushfire Management Overlay by visiting the VicPlan website.
On this website you can access bushfire and other planning information by typing your address into the Search bar. You can zoom in and out of the map and use the layers tab to filter the layers you want displayed (e.g. Bushfire). You can also download a Planning Property Report.
Alternatively, you can check if your property is within a Bushfire Prone Area by applying for a Property Information Certificate.

For more information

To learn more about vegetation removal on the Peninsula visit
For more information about Bushfire Prone Area mapping click here
For more information about Amendment VC176 click here
Anyone concerned about the accuracy of BPA mapping in their area or for their property can request a mapping review by contacting:
Department of Environment, Land Water & Planning
Phone: 136 186

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