I Can't Hear You... Are You Still There?

Published on 07 November 2022


Is poor internet and mobile coverage putting the lives of your loved ones at risk?
It’s reasonable to expect in 2022 that we could reliably connect with emergency services, our workplaces, our customers and each other when we need to. But this is not the case for many people on the Mornington Peninsula.
Broadband and mobile coverage on the Peninsula continues to be problematic due to our unique environment. Like parts of regional Victoria, we have fewer people over greater distances and across diverse terrain.
Limited broadband capability and mobile coverage on the Peninsula puts lives at risk! A combination of bushfire prone areas, high numbers of tourists and patchy connection pose a considerable threat during emergencies, especially in Dromana, Arthurs Seat, Red Hill, Cape Schanck and Flinders.
And during the summer peak season, the influx of visitors increases the Shire’s population by 50 per cent, putting pressure on our system at a time when our emergency services are in higher demand.
Despite all of this, the needs of the Peninsula have been overlooked. Areas such as Western Port, Somers and St Andrews Beach have poor mobile reception yet have no funding as they are considered part of the Melbourne urban centre.
With more people choosing to live on the Peninsula, ever greater risk of extreme weather events and more people working from home, good broadband connection and mobile coverage are absolutely essential to our livelihoods.
We are asking the Victorian Government for urgent funding:

  • to improve broadband and mobile coverage with a priority on towns including Tuerong, Dromana, Arthurs Seat, Red Hill, Main Ridge, Balnarring Beach, Somers, Cape Schanck, Flinders, Shoreham and Point Leo.
  • to develop a business case for black spots across the Peninsula – including an assessment of existing infrastructure/technology and a forecast of future mobile and broadband requirements.

Shout out for better mobile coverage and broadband. Shout out to save lives during an emergency. Demand better. Act now. Visit mornpen.vic.gov.au/SHOUTOUT

Quotes attributable to Mayor, Cr Anthony Marsh:
“Putting lives at risk due to poor mobile coverage and digital connectivity is not acceptable. We are calling on the Victorian Government to fund improved digital infrastructure for the Peninsula’s priority towns and to address black spots in our network. Our community deserves better.
“Residents living in Tuerong, Dromana, Arthurs Seat, Red Hill, Main Ridge, Balnarring Beach, Somers, Cape Schanck, Flinders, Shoreham and Point Leo must be able to connect to essential and emergency services when they need them.
“Congestion across the network during peak seasons impacts access to online services for residents and visitors across the Peninsula. This includes the ability for tourists to access information online regarding attractions, events, accommodation, directions and retailers. It is a critical element in connecting visitors with business services.”



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