Help us keep our Peninsula litter-free

Published on 13 January 2022


With more people than ever visiting the Peninsula this summer, we’re asking everyone to help make sure litter doesn’t spoil our beautiful environment. More people inevitably means a higher volume of rubbish. We have placed extra bins in popular places and programmed more frequent rubbish collections – three times a day in some locations. Despite our best efforts, sometimes a public rubbish bin will become full. So, we have a simple message for everyone who lives on or is visiting the Peninsula this summer: please leave the Peninsula as you found it. If the public rubbish bins are full, please take your litter home with you – don’t leave it next to the bin. High visitation last summer unfortunately meant lots of rubbish left behind at our beaches: broken beach furniture such as umbrellas and chairs, as well as general waste and recyclable items. There are many ways you can help ensure waste doesn’t become a problem this summer:

  • Store excess recyclables safely in and around the home until space becomes available in your recycling bin.
  • Ask your neighbours if they have space in their bins for your excess waste and recycling
  • Freeze excess food waste for later disposal.
  • If you are holidaying on the Peninsula from Melbourne, consider taking excess waste and recycling home with you at the end of your stay.
  • If you are visiting one of our popular beaches, consider taking your rubbish home with you rather than using up space in the public bins.
  • If public bins are full, take your rubbish with you rather than leaving it next to the bin.
  • Keep empty rubbish bags in your car to use when needed.

  Quotes attributable to Mayor Anthony Marsh “Everyone has a part to play in keeping our Peninsula clean and rubbish-free. “While a nationwide shortage of truck drivers has prevented additional recycling collections over the six-week summer period, we can each take steps to help mitigate the disruption and manage our excess waste.   “When out and about, please dispose of your waste thoughtfully to ensure that our beautiful environment is free of little and that everyone can enjoy it.”

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