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Published on 07 September 2020

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Mornington Peninsula Shire has engaged @leisure Planners and WellPlayed to develop a vision and long term plan for the Mount Martha Public Golf Course. We are now inviting the community to contribute to this exciting project.
We will be reviewing all aspects of the site, including its role as a significant open space for the Peninsula and undertaking a detailed review of the golf course operations, use, management, performance and role in providing for golf in the Shire.
We’re seeking input from users, residents, clubs, community groups and other stakeholders to find out:

  • What you value about the open space and the golf course?
  • How could the golf course, the service its offers and the open space generally be improved?
  • What are the issues, challenges and opportunities that the strategic plan needs to address?
  • Thinking about future generations, what is your vision for this site?

As part of this review and through working with the community and key stakeholders, the Shire will be preparing:

  • a ‘State of Play’ report about its management and performance as a golf course and as a regional open space
  • an ‘Issues and Options” paper assessing the future development opportunities and desirable directions
  • a ‘Long Term Plan’ for the site in line with the Council’s vision, plans and relevant legislation.

Mornington Peninsula Shire Mayor and Briars Ward Councillor Sam Hearn said: “With close to 40,000 rounds of golf played per year, the Mount Martha Public Golf Course is a much-loved facility on the Mornington Peninsula. We are keen to hear from you, its users, to find out what you value the most about the space and what can be improved”. 
Briars Ward Councillor Bev Colomb said: “This is an opportunity to open up discussion on how to improve the facilities and whether the broader community can also enjoy the space for recreation”.
Briars Ward Councillor Rosie Clark said: “We want to work with the local stakeholders and the community to seek out the best opportunities for the course. We value your input please share your thoughts”.


Community consultation is now open.

Hard copy forms are available upon request by phoning 1300 850 600.


To learn more about the Mt Martha Golf Course and its services visit:
Miranda Markovic
Sport and Recreation Operations Leader – Mornington Peninsula Shire Council
5950 1111

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