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Published on 15 September 2023

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At Mornington Peninsula Shire, we know how important footpaths are to the local community and the vital role they play in keeping you active, safe and connected. But with more than 125 footpaths in need of construction, we’re also realistic about what we can achieve with the limited funds we have.

That’s why we’ve reviewed and updated our Pedestrian Access Strategy to help guide the future allocation of funds and to determine which footpaths receive priority, and when.

The Draft Pedestrian Access Strategy 2023 achieves its vision through a Principal Pedestrian Network (PPN), a strategic network of pedestrian routes to key destinations to promote walking, and includes:

• A mapped network of priority footpaths (the Principal Pedestrian Network).
• Evaluation Methodology – an evaluation method used to prioritise where footpaths are needed most.
• List of priority footpaths for delivery – a ranked list of priority footpaths that need to be constructed.

How you can influence our approach

We encourage you to review the Draft Pedestrian Access Strategy 2023 and Principal Pedestrian Network (PPN) to provide us your feedback.

For instance, you may feel we’ve missed something important, or you may disagree with the weightings in the evaluation methodology, or you may feel there’s a key footpath that is missing, or a footpath on the list that should be ranked higher.

By submitting your feedback online, you can also view and add comments to an interactive map featuring the Principal Pedestrian Network.

All feedback will be reviewed and considered for inclusion in our Final Strategy.

For more information and to have your say, visit:

Hard copy forms are also available on request from our Customer Service Centres.

Community consultation is open from 15 September – 27 October 2023.

Quotes attributable to Mayor Councillor Steve Holland:

“We allocated almost $5.5 million to the planning, maintenance and construction of footpaths and trails in our 2023-24 Budget because despite a severe lack of Federal and State funding, we know how important footpaths are for keeping our community healthy and connected.

“I really hope residents look at the proposed Draft Pedestrian Access Strategy 2023 and let us know whether we’ve got it right. This is your chance to influence how and where our limited footpath funding gets allocated – not only short term, but well into the future.”

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