Have your say: pets on the Peninsula

Published on 03 May 2021


We recognise the value of pet ownership, its overall benefit for our health and wellbeing, the importance of welfare for pets and the protection of the community and the local environment from nuisance dogs and cats.

We’re developing a new Domestic Animal Management Plan, a legislated document all Victorian Councils are required to produce every four years.

The Domestic Animal Management Plan aims to help us balance the needs of pet owners with the needs of the rest of our community.

The Plan will also outline the Shire’s approach to the delivery of animal management services, programs and strategies across the Peninsula over the next four years.

However, before we put together the draft Plan, we want to hear from you.

Whether you own a pet or not, we encourage you to provide your thoughts to help us understand what’s important to you in this space, so we can reflect this is the draft plan.

Community consultation is currently open and closes Sunday 23 May 2021.

A draft Domestic Animal Management Plan will then be developed and is expected to be presented to the community in August 2021 for input.



To provide your thoughts visit: mornpen.vic.gov.au/damp

Hard copy forms are also available on request at Shire Customer Service Centres.


You can email us at: DAMP@mornpen.vic.gov.au

Write to us

Domestic Animal Management Plan
Mornington Peninsula Shire
Private Bag 1000, Rosebud, Victoria, 3939

Quotes attributable to Mayor Councillor Despi O’Connor:

“The draft Domestic Animal Management Plan aims to balance the needs of pet owners and non-pet owners in our community, as well as raise awareness about responsible pet ownership and pet wellbeing.”

“Your thoughts on this draft Plan can help shape what pet ownership looks like on the Peninsula for the next four years.”  


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