Have you noticed a difference at our hand cleaned beaches?

Published on 25 January 2022


Since September 2021, we have trialled a new cleaning method on three of our popular beaches:

  • Rye front beach (east of the rock groyne to Shirlow Avenue)
  • South Beach, Mount Martha 
  • Moondah Beach, Mount Eliza.

While most of the Port Phillip beaches are machine cleaned, over the last five months these three beaches have been carefully cleaned by hand. We have worked very closely with volunteer coastal advisory groups and beach patrol groups to establish this new regime.

What are the benefits?

  • Seaweed is maintained in the coastal environment. Seaweed is an important source of food for migratory birds and small organisms that keep our coastlines healthy and thriving. Seaweed also stabilises beaches and can help prevent erosion.
  • Less seaweed is taken to landfill. Hand cleaning allows us to separate litter from seaweed. This means we are lowering our greenhouse gas emissions as organic matter releases lots of methane and carbon dioxide when it breaks down in a landfill. These gases contribute to climate change.

We welcome your feedback

Have you noticed a difference in cleanliness at the hand cleaned beaches? We would love to hear from you. Our community survey is open from 24 January until 20 February at mornpen.vic.gov.au/beachclean

Quote attributable to Mayor Councillor Anthony Marsh:

“Our coasts and beaches are constantly changing, and sometimes storms and wild weather can result in a significant amount of debris and litter washing up on our beaches. We are monitoring the condition of the trial sites, and when hand cleaning is impractical, we’ll revert to a machine clean.”

Want to lend a helping hand?

Peninsula’s beach patrols are often looking for volunteers. Volunteering is an essential part of community life on the Peninsula. Volunteers benefit from the experience of giving something back through a sense of accomplishment, learning and most of all making a difference to our precious environment.

Go to www.beachpatrol.com.au


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