Have you checked out SunSPOT yet?

Published on 13 December 2022


We’re pleased to let residents and business owners know that SunSPOT has had an upgrade!
SunSPOT is a free and secure online tool designed to help you understand the solar potential of your home or building. You’ll quickly notice the new user-friendly design and features, all driven by extensive user and stakeholder testing.

When you plug your address into the SunSPOT map, you’ll quickly find out:

  • the best position for solar on your roof.
  • what size system can be installed and the best sized system to maximise value.
  • expected cost of a mid-range system, based on reputable solar quotes solar index.
  • your estimated annual savings from solar.

For a quick introduction check out this five minute video or try it out yourself at sunspot.org.au.
SunSPOT is simple to use but very sophisticated. It can assess the year-round impact of shading from nearby trees and buildings, it knows the average amount of sunshine in the area and the angle and orientation of your roof planes.

For more tailored results, add some information about your electricity usage around the house or building, and what you pay for electricity. SunSPOT will not share your details – all information will be kept private.
It’s free, private and you can do it over and over again on any roof using different inputs. Try it out before talking to solar sales people, and once you’ve got quotes, check them against what your SunSPOT report says.

Are you thinking about batteries?
If you’ve already got a solar system installed and you’re wondering if it’s time to invest in a battery, SunSPOT will calculate the savings you could make.



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