Grants to improve accessibility for your business

Published on 15 August 2022


People with disability often find they're unable to visit cafes and restaurants, shops, and businesses due to a lack of accessibility. Barriers such as stepped entry, noise, small print menus and limited job opportunities make it very difficult for people with disability to fully participate in life on our Peninsula.
We want to change this and we’re offering some funding to help.
Local businesses can apply for up to $5000 to make improvements to increase the accessibility of their business for people with disability.
The types of ideas eligible for funding include:

  • Having an accessibility evaluation to help improve physical access.
  • Improving communication options for people with complex needs and whose first language is not English.
  • Providing access and inclusion awareness training to staff or members.
  • Providing information in different formats (large print, audio, or electronic formats) to provide access for all.

Our Accessible Business Grants are open until the 12 September 2022.
Last year grants were awarded to businesses for:

  • accessible seating
  • upgrades for a business website
  • access improvements to accommodation
  • fitting a ramp and toilet upgrades.

To make applications even easier, our Disability Advisory Committee have helped to develop a video and fact sheets to show local businesses why access is important and what they can do to make their business more accessible.
To view these or to find out more about the Accessible Business Grants, visit:

Quote attributable to Mayor Councillor Anthony Marsh:
“The Accessible Business Grant is part of our Business and Economy Recovery Grant program designed to enable business growth and promote inclusion. With this funding, your business can become more accessible and serve a broader market catering to people with disability.”

Quote attributable to Disability Advisory Committee delegate and Seawinds Ward Councillor Kerri McCafferty:
“Our business accessibility checklist and video encourage businesses to become inclusive for all and is an important action we’re taking to remove barriers for people with disability in our community.”
Quote attributable to Disability Advisory Committee member Karen Fankhauser:
“The benefits of providing accessible products and services have been proven in many studies, and the Disability Advisory Committee believe an investment in accessibility will increase a business’s customer base and support economic recovery from the pandemic.”



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