Giving our Sports Club Management Policy a workout

Published on 01 February 2023


Since 2004, community sport on the Mornington Peninsula has significantly evolved and changed.
We’re seeing strong growth in junior and women's sport participation, as well as an increasing need to create equity and inclusion to ensure our sports facilities are accessible to all in our community.
To understand and meet the changing needs of our sports clubs, last year we worked with them to hear what aspects can be improved to set a high standard of sports club management on the Peninsula.
As such, we’ve updated our Sports Club Management Policy to guide how we manage our sports and recreation groups and how we’ll be prioritising aspects like gender equity, accessibility for all and fair and equitable club fees.
We now want your feedback on this draft Policy. Your thoughts can help shape sports on the Peninsula for future generations.


To provide your thoughts on the draft Sports Club Management Policy, visit before 31 March 2023.
Hard copy forms are also available at Shire Customer Service Centres for printing on request. 

Quotes attributable to Mayor Councillor Steve Holland:

“We want to create a strong foundation on which the Shire and local sporting clubs can build a healthy and sustainable sporting community.”
“The draft Policy introduces several key changes to how we’ll manage and support our sporting clubs. These changes are essential to ensure we can provide fair access to sport for the whole community and deliver a clearer, more consistent, and improved level of service to our clubs.”



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