Funded swimming lessons available at Yawa and Pelican Park

Published on 15 February 2022


Last year Council made the decision to waive $1 million of fees and charges within the current financial year to help businesses, organisations and individuals recover from the financial impacts of COVID-19. Of this amount, $40,000 has been set aside for community members who are experiencing financial hardship and would struggle to pay for swimming lessons.
Swimming lessons are both fun and educational and swimming is an important life skill, especially for a coastal community. We can help more people access swimming lessons at Yawa and Pelican Park aquatic centres by providing financial support.
What’s included?

  • Weekly swim lesson
  • Student access to aquatic spaces to practise skills, outside of lesson times
  • Lessons available until 30 June 2022.

How to apply

  1. Download the GOswim funding application form from Yawa or Pelican Park’s website
  2. Complete the application form including referral information from a local school or community organisation (for example Peninsula Health, Reclink, Headspace)
  3. Email your application to Yawa or Pelican Park.

Aquatic centre staff will be in touch to update you on the progress of your application.
Yawa Aquatic Centre
Pelican Park Aquatic Centre
Quote attributable to Mayor Councillor Anthony Marsh:
“We’re pleased to be able to fund these swimming lessons. If your family is having a tough time financially, I encourage you to apply! Lessons take place in a safe environment and are undertaken by experienced teachers who make the class enjoyable. After class, many kids like to have a go at the splash park or and slides.” 


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