Five ways you can say goodbye to winter and support your wellbeing

Published on 18 September 2023

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With the arrival of spring, we’ve compiled five neat opportunities to celebrate the return of warmer weather!

Alongside higher temperatures, sunshine and a keenness to get back outside, this list offers you the convenience to support your wellbeing while protecting our delicate environment.

Here are five opportunities to improve your health, celebrate your wellbeing and take care of our planet:

National Nutrition Week
Did you know that 91 per cent of Australians aren’t eating enough vegetables? Find inspiration on how you can support your health and wellbeing during National Nutrition Week 2023, running 16-22 October, with Try For 5:

Walk to School
We’re spotlighting walking to school throughout the month of October. Spring is the perfect opportunity to get time to enjoy fresh air, support your mental wellbeing and reduce car travel. You can access free resources to kick start your journey, via:

Ride to Work Day
Whether you ride regularly or need a new hobby, National Ride2Work Day is all about supporting your decision to jump on the bike! Improve your health and reduce your emissions by signing up for National Ride2Work Day on Wednesday 18 October 2023. Make this the start of your cycling habit! To find out more and register, visit Bicycle Network’s website:

Fire hazard prevention and preparation
As we land into spring, we encourage you to also take the opportunity to take action on fire hazard prevention before summer. The CFA website has useful resources to assist you in preparing your property for a

If you need help with the maintenance of your property see our contactor list at With the start of summer, please also keep an eye on the fire danger ratings. The Australian Fire Danger Rating System (AFDRS) provides real time fire predictions, offering swift updates on the potential threat of a bushfire.

To learn more about the fire danger ratings, please visit the VIC Emergency website:

How to have a healthier home webinar
Learn how you can enjoy a healthy and comfortable home year-round by maintaining good air quality, avoiding dangerous gases, ensuring adequate ventilation, avoiding mould and damp and tips for energy efficiency.

You can view this pre-recorded webinar and many more on our website:

Climate and health survey results
Throughout March and April 2023, we conducted a survey looking at the link between health and climate change, the impacts you have experienced or expect to experience due to climate change and any preparations you have taken to protect your health.

Based on 118 responses from residents across the Peninsula, there was a resounding response of 75 per cent agreeing that climate change impacts our health.

Of those who said ‘yes’, the majority related this to financial impact (rise in insurance premiums for example). Respondents also mentioned the impact on mental health, increased cost of food or lack of availability, as well as challenges heating or cooling homes.

Find out more about the survey via our website:

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