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Published on 11 June 2020

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Mornington Peninsula Shire is inviting the community to share their feedback and ideas the draft Climate Emergency Plan titled ‘Ensuring Our Future’.

The Shire has developed a Plan in collaboration with our community, outlining clear targets, outcomes, estimated budgets and timeframes for the Peninsula following its declaration of a climate emergency on 13 August 2019.

The declaration was met with strong support from community members and unanimous agreement amongst Councillors who attended the Council meeting and called for immediate and urgent action to reverse global warming.

The draft Climate Emergency Plan that has been developed provides a ten-year map including targets around:

  • leadership and governance
  • climate advocacy
  • zero carbon energy
  • a resilient and adaptive community
  • sustainable transport and travel
  • sustainable land use and natural environment
  • circular economy and zero waste

The draft plan aims to guide the Peninsula towards zero carbon emissions by 2040 through actions described in seven summits and 21 action steps. This can only be achieved by the community and the Shire working together.

Mornington Peninsula Shire Mayor Councillor Sam Hearn said “this year has shown us that our wellbeing is connected. We have all worked together to ensure our future in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic, and we should channel this solidarity as we continue our work towards ensuring our climate future.”

“Our Mornington Peninsula community has an enormous amount of knowledge and passion for the local natural environment, and we would encourage every single person to share their feedback and thoughts on the draft Climate Emergency Plan,” he said.

“We’re leading the way by developing a plan to respond to the declaration. Only three other Climate Emergency plans have been adopted by Councils in Australia so far.”

At the time of the climate emergency declaration more than 840 local governments across 18 countries had made the declaration which recognises the significant damage climate change is causing to our economy, society and environment and that urgent action is required to reverse current trends.

In May 2020 this number had increased to 1,496 jurisdictions in 30 countries.

In 2015 CSIRO predicted the following climate impacts for the Greater Melbourne region:

  • Increased temperatures
  • More frequent and intense downpours
  • Rising sea level
  • Warmer and more acidic seas
  • More hot days and warm spells
  • Less rainfall in winter and spring
  • Harsher fire weather and longer fire seasons and increased frequency and height of extreme sea levels (source: greater Melbourne climate change predictions 2015).

Council’s current climate change focused Policies, Strategies and Action Plans include:

  • Carbon Neutral Policy – Reduction in emissions through Solar PV installation, LED streetlights and energy efficient buildings towards achieving Carbon Neutral accreditation in Council operations by 2021
  • Climate Change Community Engagement Strategy – Developing resources and actions to engage community to reduce emissions and build resilience
  • Embedding ESD principles – Preparing an ESD Policy to be introduced into the Planning Scheme and preparing an internal ESD Policy for Council buildings and civil works
  • Biodiversity Conservation Plan – Where strategies and actions are adopted to protect and improve the resilience of the Mornington Peninsula's natural landscapes, ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Beyond Zero Waste Strategy (draft) – This maps how waste will be managed and how we will move towards a zero waste future by 2030.

View these and other Council policies online at:

Find out more about what the Shire is doing to tackle climate change and discover what you can do to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change online at:

Community consultation is currently open and closes 5pm Wednesday 15 July 2020.

To complete an online survey and to view the draft Plan visit:

Hard copy consultation forms and Draft Plan are available to be posted upon request, by phoning Shire Customer Service on 1300 850 600.

Email your submission with the subject line “Draft Climate Emergency Plan” to:

To learn more about the Draft Climate Emergency Plan: email

Photo: Mornington Peninsula Shire Climate Change Energy and Water Manager Melissa Burrage and Mornington Peninsula Shire Mayor Councillor Sam Hearn with copies of the draft Climate Emergency Plan at Mornington Shire Offices.

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