Don't forget to share your vision for your nature strip

Published on 15 June 2022


The nature strips on the streets we live say a lot about the neighbourhood we live in. Across the Shire you’ll find all kinds: from wild and rugged with indigenous vegetation and weeds to manicured, grassed nature strips.
Over the last few years our residents have shown us how much their nature strip means to them – some nature strips really have the power to bring communities together.
Because your love for nature strips is as strong as ours, we’ve decided it’s time to review our policies. We want to hear from you - how would you like to use, enhance or protect the nature strip on the street you live?
It’s important to hold on to neighbourhood character. Each Peninsula town has its own identity and characteristic we want to preserve. What can be done to improve the way we look after our nature strips?
We will take your feedback on board when we update our Private Works on Nature Strips and Road Reserves Policy as well as our Township Street Tree and Vegetation Policy.
Go to to have your say before the survey closes on 27 June 2022.



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