Don’t let the weather fool you, the Fire Danger Period is still on

Published on 12 February 2019


Even though conditions have been cooler lately, the Fire Danger Period is still in place

Here are some tips for preparing yourself and your property at the risk of a fire:

Plan for all scenarios

What will you do if your car won’t start, the wind changes direction, roads are blocked, someone is hurt or people aren’t where you expect them to be?

Understand your risk and plan ahead. Know what to do on hot, dry, windy days.

Talk to your family and friends about how you’ll know when to leave, where you’ll go and how you will get there.

Prepare your property

A big clean up before the fire season can make a huge difference to the survival of your home in a bushfire, maintaining this work throughout the season is just as important – keep trees, overhanging branches and shrubs to a minimum near your home, particularly around and under windows.

Keep grass, leaf litter, shrubs and any other fuels to a minimum under trees on your property. This will help to stop a fire from reaching the tree tops, which will reduce embers and the fire intensity near your home.


Each year during the warmer months, the Fire Services declare a Fire Danger Period. This period typically runs from December through to the end of April, depending on weather and environmental conditions. 

The fire services declare the Fire Danger Period at the onset of warmer weather to help prevent fires from starting as dry vegetation and hot weather increase the incidence of fires accidentally starting and spreading.  

When fire restrictions are in force, burning off is prohibited without a permit.

It is the responsibility of all residents to ensure that they are aware of, and comply with, fire restriction conditions.

Lighting of fires during the Declared Fire Danger Period should be reported to Victoria Police by calling triple 000 – Shire officers cannot enforce open air burning during this time.

If a Total Fire Ban day is declared, the lighting of fires or solid fuel heaters and barbecues is illegal.

For information on what you can and can’t do during the Fire Danger Period and on Days of Total Fire Ban visit

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