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Published on 15 March 2023

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Pixies Parasol, Lawyers Wig and Jelly Tooth – welcome to the fascinating world of fungi!
With the onset of cooler weather, autumn is a great time to head outdoors to learn about the diverse range of fungi that occur across the Peninsula. We want to bring fungi to the forefront this autumn by creating a handy Fungi of the Mornington Peninsula guide.
We’ve worked with natural historian and environmental photographer Alison Pouliot to unearth these often beautiful and intriguing specimens recording and detailing them to create a useful online field guide.
How to use the guide:
•    Visit our website to download or print the guide
•    Head out to your nearest bushland reserve and use the guide to help identify your fungus finds
•    Upload your fungus photos to iNauturalist to record your sightings.
By adding your observations to iNaturalist we can help researchers across the globe monitor and track biodiversity across the Peninsula, while increasing your own knowledge of our flora, fauna and fungi.
So, whether you’re a novice or a fungus-fanatic, use this seasonal chance to head out into nature with our Fungi of the Mornington Peninsula guide.
This guide has been developed as part of our Biodiversity Conservation Plan and aims to engage with the community and build stewardship for the conservation of our unique natural values.
For more information and to view the guide, visit:

fungi media release.jpg

Pixie’s Parasol, Mycena interrupta

Photo credit: © Alison Pouliot

Quote attributable to Mayor Councillor Steve Holland

“The Mornington Peninsula supports a diverse mix of vegetation communities and habitat types – ranging from grassy plains, woodlands, damp forests and coastal scrubs. Our beautifully curated and designed field guide will help you appreciate fungi and our biodiversity on our Peninsula.”

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