Cracking the waste code over summer

Published on 13 January 2023


At the beginning of summer, we asked everyone to play their part in making sure litter didn’t spoil our beautiful Peninsula during the busy holiday period.

Central to this initiative was the provision of extra bins in popular places, an increase in bin collection and a QR code trial for the community to report overflowing bins.

As we enter the halfway point of summer, the interim results are in and we are delighted with the community response.
Since the launch on 1 December, we have received over 350 QR code reports for 89 individual bins reported as full or overflowing.  When QR codes are used to report, an instant alert is sent directly to our contractor, rather than through council staff and then onto the contractors. This speeds up the process and results in quicker action.

Community reporting also assists us and our contractors to identify rubbish hot spots and to prioritise services in these areas.

We are continuing to work closely with our contractor during the trial period to improve the reporting process and assess the options for expanding the QR Code system more broadly.

Quotes attributable to Mayor Councillor Steve Holland:
“At the beginning of summer we asked everyone who lives on or is visiting the Peninsula to play their part and bin their litter. 
“Seven weeks into the trail and we are delighted with the community response.
“On behalf of the council and our whole community I want to thank everyone for helping keep our Peninsula clean and beautiful.”



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