Council welcomes ideas for next year’s Budget

Published on 28 October 2021


We are making it easier for everyone to have their ideas considered for the next Council Budget.
Community members will be able to influence next financial year’s Budget in a variety of ways:
Pre-Budget submissions: 11 – 25 November 2021
Send us your ideas early before Council meet in December to discuss our next Budget. Your ideas can help guide Councillors’ thinking when they plan the 22-23 Budget.
Online Budget portal: 7 January – 31 March 2022
We are creating a community portal on our website where anyone with a great Budget idea can submit it online. All contributions and feedback will be presented to Council for their consideration. (Note hard copy forms will also be available)
Weekly community drop-in sessions
From January until March we will hold weekly drop-in sessions across the Peninsula. These sessions are ideal for those who need help with the online form or understanding the Budget process.
Council meetings
There will be more Council meetings where the Budget will be discussed giving our Councillors more opportunities to deliberate and make decisions.
The new expanded process replaces the s223 meeting format with a series of Budget-focused Council meetings where Shire officers will brief Councillors on all the communities’ ideas. This will ensure every comment and idea is heard and considered in a fair, equitable way.
Previously, people were required to make verbal submissions at the forward planning meeting and s223 community hearing meeting, which resulted in a low number of submissions. This format was also a deterrent to many who weren’t comfortable presenting in a public forum. We’re confident this innovative approach will result in a greater number of Budget ideas from a wider section of the community.
People are also welcome to contact Councillors and officers to discuss their Budget ideas throughout this process.
The new community portal will be open from 7 January – 31 March. It’s easy to provide feedback. If you need help, email or call 5950 1000.
Quotes attributable to Mayor Councillor Despi O’Connor:
“Council is committed to giving every community member and group equal opportunity to have their ideas considered. Local government is the most accessible level of government and this improved Budget process reflects that.
“We felt the old Budget process was not inclusive enough. Not everyone feels comfortable presenting their ideas in front of Council – it can be quite daunting! Rethinking the process was also a question of accessibility, some people might not be able to get to a Council meeting to present their idea in person.
“This new way of hearing from our community is modern, fair, inclusive and easy for everyone. All feedback will be presented to Council for review. Every voice will be heard.”

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