Council reiterates strong opposition to Ryman Healthcare development

Published on 25 March 2021


Mornington Peninsula Shire Council has reiterated its strong opposition to Ryman Healthcare’s proposed development at 60-70 Kunyung Road in Mt Eliza.

Raised by Briars ward Councillor Steve Holland as an item of urgent business in the Council meeting of 23 March, Council unanimously carried the following motion.

The Mornington Peninsula Shire Council reiterates the decision of the previous term of council to oppose the planned development at 60-70 Kunyung Road, Mt Eliza.

 This Council also affirms the view that the proposal for a large scale residential aged care facility and/or retirement village, on land which lays outside the Urban Growth Boundary, is inappropriate development at odds with the amenity of the surrounding Green Wedge.

The matter is currently being heard by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal as the New Zealand-based company tries to overturn the refusal of its development by Mornington Peninsula Shire Council. The hearing has been set for 15 days with a decision expected in April.

Quotes attributed to Mayor Councillor Despi O’Connor

 We hold grave fears for the protection of the Green Wedge if this development is allowed to proceed. The Green Wedge creates an essential separation from the built environment - the urban growth boundary - to that of the natural environment. Nibbling at the edge of this boundary for such development creates a dangerous precedent and puts the future of this unique Mornington Peninsula feature at risk.

Quotes attributed to Councillor Steve Holland

As a Mt Eliza local, I know how important this issue is to the community. The Save Reg’s Wedge community group and the broader community understand how precious our Green Wedge is. To allow such inappropriate development to encroach into this space would be a travesty.


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